Leadership Check-up

Akin to a health check-up a leadership check-up helps the candidate gain self-awareness.  It begins with a short discussion with the candidate so that the challenges and objectives are clear.  Based on the development needs or challenges the coach will suggest a few psychometric-based tests.  Upon completion of tests, the results would be presented to the candidate and a coaching session set up to explain the results.   When the assessment is sought by an organization, a summary of the results of all candidates is presented to the leadership team as well. This will include inferences drawn from the group discussion and individual interview 

The tests are decided based on the initial discussion, but could include Character Strengths, Personality Traits and Holistic Health. 360 Degree Assessment is highly recommended when organizations use the check-up for their managers and leaders.  

After the debriefing session, the candidate may want to get into a coaching engagement with a certified coach.  Operational coaching or executive coaching may be opted, based on the need.